Consultation on Proposed Changes to Emergency Management Filing Requirements in the Board’s Filing Manual

On 11 January, 2017 the National Energy Board launched an online comment process on proposed changes to Emergency Management Filing Requirements in the NEB’s Filing Manual. The closing date for comments on the proposed changes was 13 March 2017.

Companies regulated under the NEB Onshore Pipeline Regulations were notified of the consultation by letter, with direction they “...distribute a copy of this letter to agencies and organizations that may be involved in an emergency response on the pipeline and to those it has consulted in the development of its Emergency Management Program as required under the National Energy Board Onshore Pipeline Regulations.”

The Board received comments from seven organizations and an individual in response to the proposed changes. Comments may be viewed here:

The comment period is now closed. The Board considered comments received and made the appropriate updates to the proposed changes.

View the letter to companies and final Emergency Management Filing Manual changes.

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