Fact Sheet: NEB’s Enforcement Toolkit

  • The National Energy Board holds those we regulate accountable for their actions so that Canadians and the environment are protected.
  • The NEB evaluates regulated companies, their facilities and activities on an ongoing basis to determine appropriate compliance oversight.
  • Each year the NEB conducts targeted compliance verification activities including six comprehensive audits and at least 150 inspections of regulated companies. This is in addition to the 100+ technical meetings and exercises conducted on an annual basis. These tools are effective in allowing the Board to proactively detect and correct non-compliances before they become issues.
  • The NEB’s risk-informed approach analyzes incident data and industry trends in order to focuson areas of the highest priority when planning its compliance and enforcement actions.
  • The Board’s objective for enforcement actions is to achieve compliance with NEB requirements as quickly and as effectively as possible.
  • The NEB uses its enforcement tools to obtain compliance, deter future non-compliance, and prevent harm by using the most appropriate methods available.
  • Enforcement tools available to the NEB include but are not limited to:
    • Notices of Non-Compliance;
    • Inspection Officer Orders;
    • Board-issued Safety Orders;
    • Administrative Monetary Penalties;
    • Revocation of a company’s authorization to operate; and
    • Prosecution.
  • Inspection Officers have the authority to take immediate enforcement action if they encounter issues of public safety or environmental protection.
  • In July 2013, the Board received a new tool to enforce compliance with our regulations called Administrative Monetary Penalties or AMPs. AMPs can be issued by the Board for any violation intended to encourage safety or environmental protection.
  • NEB enforcement tools are not mutually exclusive and more than a single measure may be used depending on the situation.
  • Actions taken may escalate depending on the severity of the non-compliance and the company’s willingness to return to full compliance.
  • In 2011, the NEB began proactively posting all compliance and enforcement actions it takes to its public website. These enforcement actions are only one click away from our home page.
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