Compliance and Enforcement

Welcome to the National Energy Board’s Compliance and Enforcement. It is committed to providing information on the safety of the pipelines and facilities it regulates, including information on its compliance and enforcement actions.

The NEB enforces regulatory requirements in order to obtain compliance, deter future non-compliance, and prevent harm by using the most appropriate tool or tools available. In 2011, the NEB began proactively posting information on its compliance and enforcement activities with the goal of providing information related to its compliance and enforcement actions, in a manner that is clear and accessible.


OFFICIAL LANGUAGES: The National Energy Board is bound by the Official Languages Act and relevant Treasury Board policies. However, some material on these pages originates with organizations not subject to the Official Languages Act and is made available on this site in the language in which it was written.

“The NEB has an obligation to protect information and documents as required by the law and existing security policies. Relevant laws and policies include the National Energy Board Act (sections 16.1 and 16.2), Security Organization and Administration Standard, Privacy Act, and Access to Information Act”.

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