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About Us
We work to keep energy moving safely across the country. We review energy development projects and share energy information, all while enforcing some of the strictest safety and environmental standards in the world.

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Who we are and what we do

Learn about our work, our people, our responsibilities, our governance model, and our commitment to being transparent.

Contact us

Find the contact information for any of our offices across Canada, or submit a comment online.

Plans for the Regulatory Framework

The CER Regulatory Framework Plan applies to all core responsibilities and is comprised of applicable Acts, regulations, guidance materials, documents, as well as certificates, orders and other regulatory instruments used to regulate the industry.

Acts and regulations

Access the acts and regulatory documents that guide our work, and learn about any pending changes to our regulations.


Read news releases and announcements, find speeches and presentations, and get answers to your questions about the CER and what we regulate.

Publications and reports

See the reports and publications we issue, including the Canada Energy Futures report, pamphlets, and our land matters guide.

Open Government and transparency

Participate in conversations, find data and digital records, and learn about how Open Government is about making government accessible to everyone.

CER Library

Learn how the Canada Energy Regulator Library provides access to CER, industry, and energy information. The Library’s collection is unique and some materials can only be accessed there.


Learn about current opportunities, why you should work for the CER, how to apply for a position, and how to subscribe to receive new postings.

North and offshore

Get information about our responsibilities in the north and offshore, including drilling and seismic work in a marine environment, financial requirements for spills, and access to data on wells and geology.

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Enforcing the Rules


At the Canada Energy Regulator, we hold companies to some of the strictest safety and environmental standards in the world.

Companies must follow the all the rules in the CER Act and its regulations.

Before a pipeline is allowed to operate, companies need to show us they have detailed plans for things like:

  • Safety
  • Protecting the environment
  • Responding to emergencies and
  • How they will keep the pipeline safe for life.

We review these plans regularly and make sure they are doing what they should.

On top of all this, we do targeted audits and more than 150 inspections every year.

This is in addition to 100+ technical meetings and training exercises.

We call these, compliance verification activities.

These activities can happen in the field, in corporate offices or any place where companies are doing work, at any stage of a project.

Audits and inspections help us spot potential issues, and take action before they become problems.

If we find any, we do what it takes to get companies back on track and to keep them from repeating the same mistakes in the future.

We have powerful tools to make sure companies correct what is wrong.

We can issue a written notice or a financial penalty. We can also restrict how a pipeline is allowed to operate or even totally shut it down if necessary.

Want to learn more about enforcement and how the CER works for you? Visit us online or contact us directly.

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