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Public Feedback Opportunities on Proposed Filing Manual Updates

The CER is updating various sections of its Filing Manuals to reflect changing requirements, conditions, regulations, industry practices, and feedback received from regulated companies, Indigenous peoples and other interested persons or groups. The following tables contain the sections currently under review, timelines for engagement, and links to related information and documents.

If you wish to provide comments or suggest edits directly on the draft documents, download and mark-up a pdf via the links below, and email it along with any other comments to: Emailed comments without pdfs also welcome. All emailed feedback will be posted under the “Public comments received” link above.

Proposed updates to Filing Manuals

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Filing Manual

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Filing Manual


Public Comment Period

Discussion Paper

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Feedback Received

Guide B (pipeline abandonment)
Guide K (pipeline decommissioning)

From 2021-03-01
to 2021-04-14

Regulatory context and summary of gaps

Guides B and K response to public feedback

Proposed new Guide B [PDF 412 KB]

Marked-up existing Guide B [PDF 499 KB]

Canadian Association of Energy and Pipeline Landowner Associations – CAEPLA [PDF 196 KB]

Canadian energy pipeline association [PDF 377 KB]

Enbridge [PDF 127 KB]

Stantec Consulting Ltd. [PDF 319 KB]

TC Energy [PDF 93 KB]

L'Union des producteurs agricoles [in French: PDF 93 KB]

Proposed new Guide K [PDF 321 KB]

Marked-up existing Guide K [PDF 414 KB]

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Electricity Filing Manual (EFM)

Electricity Filing Manual update record

Electricity Filing Manual


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Discussion Paper

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