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Electricity Filing Manual

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Changes to the Electricity Filing Manual

6 August 2020

Filing Manual and Filing Manual – Electricity Revision

The Canada Energy Regulator Filing Manual (Filing Manual) and Canada Energy Regulator Electricity Filing Manual (Electricity Filing Manual) have been revised to reflect nomenclature and legislative references introduced by the Canadian Energy Regulator Act. In addition, the filing requirements described in the 22 August 2019 Interim Filing Guidance and Early Engagement Guide, the 6 January 2020 Filing Manual Revision 2020-01, and in Environment and Climate Change Canada’s July 2020 Strategic Assessment of Climate Change have been integrated into the revised manuals.

25 July 2017

Electricity Filing Manual Revision

Revisions were made to the Canada Energy Regulator Electricity Filing Manual in March 2020.

20 May 2015

Electricity Filing Manual Revision 2015-01

The Electricity Filing Manual was first issued in 2004. It has been revised and updated to reflect changes as a result of the Jobs, Growth and Long Term Prosperity Act.

Revisions to the Electricity Filing Manual are always immediately included in the electronic copy of the Electricity Filing Manual.

We welcome your feedback. If you have suggestions for clarifying or improving the Filing Manual, please contact us or send them directly to FilingManual@cer-rec.gc.ca.

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